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      is a group of Hi-Fi Master Technicians trained directly from the Manufactures back in the pioneering years of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. We offer excellent repair service and specialize in refurbishing older and vintage electronics providing each item with a renewed warranty period equal to or longer then the its originally warranty. We also provide service for many home theater resellers and box retails stores.

We repaired all brands of electronics, Stereos, TV’s, Turntables, Pro Audio Gear and much more. We're are one of the only groups of technicians with the experience certified to renew warranty on older and vintage electronic items. Located in the Midwest, we are based out of Chicago and have over 46 years of experience. To qualify in becoming a Master Technician, each technician must have worked in one or more of the pioneering stereo retailers from the 60’s, 70’s or early 80’s. Pacific Stereo, Playback, Music Craft, Stereo Studio just to name a few. It’s working in this time period that gives our Technicians the Master status and experience needed to be able to refurbish older and vintage stereos for our Renewed Warranty Program. receives items in for repair and refurbished from all 50 states. Please use our repair order form when sending in an item for service and evaluation. To purchase a vintage stereo with our Renewed Warranty please visit one of our authorized dealer locations. All items comes with a certificate of warranty and are fully guaranteed to work and sound like brand new. Looking for a specific item? Get on our list!

Some Renewed Warranty brands you will find for sale from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are Marantz, Sansui, Kenwood, Harman Kardon, Technics, Sony, McIntosh and many more. We offer free estimates and are factory authorized for all major manufactures. To contact us call 773-883-1300 or Email.


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